Interview with Ronnie Von in the Program Todo Seu


Yesterday our artistic director Dany Biitencourt (@bittencourtturzi) and dancer Clarissa Braga (@cla.move) were guests of Programa Todo Seu, presented by Ronnie Von!

They had a delightful conversation about Christmas traditions and the 35th season of the show "The Nutcracker", which starts this Thursday. They also got to chat with musician Frejat! The program will be aired today, 12/11, at 10pm on TV Gazeta.

What are you waiting for to buy your ticket? Visit the Ingresso Rápido website and buy now!

The season runs from December 13 to 23 at Teatro Alfa and includes the Bacarelli Institute's Heliopolis Symphony Orchestra on December 21, 22 (8pm), and 23 (6pm). Come!