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Dedicated to Dance

Sob a Direção Artística de Dany Bittencourt, é considerada uma das melhores companhias contemporâneas do país, sucesso de crítica e de público, com 47 anos de existência olhando para o futuro.

Among its outstanding features are diversity and innovation, and throughout its history, it holds some remarkable data:
It has been attended by an audience of over 3 million people
In 17 countries
More than 500 cities
In about 5,000 presentations
With an average of 80/100 presentations/year

In the last 12 months it has achieved some relevant results:
The media valuation had a reach of over 800,000;
We reached an audience (direct and indirect) of about 4.3 million:
Via print media and social media,
Televised stories - broadcasts and retransmissions - dissemination and/or broadcasting, exhibition, reproduction and digital platforms.

Mozartissimo CCD 0567

Hulda Bittencourt (in memoriam)

Founder, General and Artistic Director

She began her studies with Maria Olenewa, a pioneer of classical ballet in Brazil. She specialized in various dance teaching methods, from contemporary to classical, including that of the Royal Academy of Dancing.

Founder, General and Artistic Director of CISNE NEGRO CIA. DE DANÇA, with 46 years of existence and of ESTÚDIO DE BALLET CISNE NEGRO, with 65 years of existence, Hulda, who passed away in 2021, left an important and recognized legacy for BRAZILIAN DANCE.

With CISNE NEGRO CIA. DE DANÇA several performances all over Brazil and the four continents, and the success of the national and international tours, as well as the recognition of the critics and the public, has established the company as one of the best dance groups in the country.

Using her refined artistic vein, Hulda was a "talent polisher", master of transforming, many times, "raw stones" into "precious gems". She was part of the formation of many professionals in the DANCE and related areas, who today are renowned names acting in important companies in Brazil and abroad.

Hulda Bittencourt - Cisne Negro Cia de Dança


Artistic Director and Choreographer

A dancer trained at the Royal Academy of Dancing in London-ARD and a licensed teacher for over 20 years using the same teaching method, her curriculum includes classical ballet training in London and classical and contemporary dance training in Canada.

For 20 years she was a dancer with CISNE NEGRO CIA. DE DANÇA, performing all over Brazil and in countries such as Africa, Scotland, Spain, England, United States, Argentina, Canada, Uruguay, Germany, Paraguay and Chile. She has also worked as assistant to important national and international choreographers and teachers, such as Mark Baldwin (England), Gigi Caciuleanu, Patrick Delcroix (France), Itizik Galili (Holland), Victor Navarro (Spain), Marc de Graef (Portugal), Boris Storokov (Russia), Tíndaro Silvano and Rui Moreira (Brazil), among others.

Since 1990 she has been Technical and Artistic Director, as well as teacher at Estúdio de Ballet Cisne Negro and, in parallel to this activity, since 1998 she has been Artistic and Rehearsal Director of CISNE NEGRO CIA. DE DANÇA, where she also works as choreographer.

In 2019 she was part of the Juror Board of the Joinville Festival, where she participated as a curator in 2021.

Daniele Bittencourt - Cisne Negro Cia de Dança


Cisne Negro Companhia de Dança's goal is to be a reference in the democratization and access to the arts, besides offering unique experiences and perspectives in dance that involve conversation and promote diversity. Cisne Negro is considered one of the best contemporary dance companies in the country, which since its inception is grounded in the creation, research, and development of talent. In its commitment to innovation in all aspects, it aims to enrich Brazilian culture through its activities and performances both nationally and internationally.


Cisne Negro's ALMA is in its commitment to the collaboration, elaboration, and implementation of socio-cultural, socio-educational, and environmental projects that help in the idealization and direction of a more inclusive society. The Company promotes artistic and cultural hosting, because it strongly believes that every human being deserves to experience the pleasure of art and, equally, that culture is a significant tool for social transformation, food for hope and dreams.national.


  • Passion;
  • Human and cultural diversity;
  • Sustainable development;
  • Democratization and accessibility to art;
  • Ethics and transparency;
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation;
  • Respect for life; Preservation, Humanization, and Dignity.

A Tool for Social Transformation

CISNE NEGRO CIA. DE DANÇA believes that culture is a tool for
social transformation, food for hope and dreams for many people, therefore,
The company's repertoire includes socio-educational works, such as: "Vem Dançar" (Come Dancing) - the history of dance through the ages, "Don Quixote e Sancho Pança, Viajando pela Dança" (Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, Traveling in Dance), a journey through traditional Brazilian dance from a contemporary point of view, and "Baobá", a work based on the story of The Little Prince, a discussion between the Little Prince and an Afro-Brazilian Prince about the sustainability of the planet.
His works have been presented in major cities in Brazil, as well as in South Africa, Argentina, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Cuba, Scotland, Spain, the United States, England, Mozambique, Paraguay, Thailand, Uruguay, China, Germany, and Romania.
With an eclectic vision, he participates in diversified events:

It was part of the international tour of the Italian tenor Andréa Bocelli, with choreography by Dany Bittencourt and participation of dancers from CISNE NEGRO CIA. DE DANÇA
2016 - In the cities of Curitiba and São Paulo;
2018 - In the cities of Porto Alegre, Brasília and São Paulo
In May 2018, she participated in the opera La Traviata, at the Theatro Municipal de São Paulo, directed by Jorge Takla, with choreography by Dany Bittencourt.


Social Actions of Inclusion and Socialization

Aware of its social responsibility, CISNE NEGRO CIA. DE DANÇA has
participated in numerous social art-education projects throughout her career.
trajectory, with the purpose of TRANSFORMING, through ART AND DANCE,
social indicators, especially among at-risk youth.

In 2021 began the social project "CISNE NEGRO DANCE GROUP", in
of the Dom Bosco Institute, in Bom Retiro, with free ballet classes
classical, by the Royal Academy of Dance method for 60 children, with
specialized teachers, adapting the place for these classes, with mirrors,
bars, dance mats and other accessories as well as providing
free of charge all the necessary uniforms and props.

Cisne Negro Cia de Dança

Dance in Hospitals

Since 2016 it performs free shows in hospital lobbies for patients, medical staff and support staff, humanizing the hospital environment, with art, culture and beauty, with important results of awareness and hope.