Cisne Negro Cia. de Dança presents, in its national premiere, the show "Goitá" at Sesc Pompeia


With artistic direction by Hulda Bittencourt e Dany Bitencourtin addition to the stage direction and dramaturgy by Beto Andreetta, from Pia Fraus

"Glória do Goitá, a small town located 60Km from Recife, is nowadays, considered the Brazilian capital of Mamulengo and is our inspiration and this show that honors and reveres the universe of the Pernambuco Mamulengo." - Hulda Bittencourt

Presentation approaches the universe of Brazilian popular culture through the mamulengos puppets, transforming them into "dancers

In the days 091011 e May 12th o Theater at Sesc Pompeia receives the show "Goitá" of the Dance Company Cisne Negro e Pia Fraus. The short season performances take place from Thursday to Saturday at 9 pm and Sunday at 6 pm.
The show counts on the idealization and choreography of Ana Catarina Vieirawho has participated in both companies, choreographic assistance by Patricia Alquezarcreation of puppets Dino Sotosoundtrack from Violated Quintetwith special reference to Dudu Alves and music editing by Cesar Maluf.

With 42 years of existence, Cisne Negro has in its repertoire several shows with a popular and Brazilian matrix, besides a history dedicated to dance. Holder of awards and national and international reviews, the company believes that culture is a tool for transformation and socialization. A little younger, the 35-year-old Pia Fraus Company has already produced dozens of plays, performing in 24 different countries in the main national and international theater festivals. Highlights among the shows are "100 Shakespeare", "Navegadores", "Kachtanka" and "Bichos do Brasil".

The link between the two companies allowed the construction and audacity to integrate the languages of dance and popular puppet theater and to venture in the creation of an artistic language of its own, thus bringing a new proposal to the audience.

May 9, 10, 11, and 12, 2019, Thursday through Saturday at 9pm, and Sunday at 6pm

Theater:Sesc Pompeia - Rua Clélia, 93

Tickets: R$6 (full credential/worker in commerce and services enrolled at Sesc and dependents), R$10 (people over 60 years old, students and teachers from public schools) and R$20 (full).

Online sales start on Tuesday, April 30, at 12:00 noon.
Presale at the Sesc SP units as of May 2nd, Thursday, 5:30pm.

Indicative rating: Free.