New Choreography by Mario Nascimento 2023


Nova coreografia Mario Nascimento
New Choreography Mario Nascimento

"Cia de Dança Cisne Negro is about to launch a new choreography that promises to delight and thrill the audience. Directed by Dany Bittencourt, the company will count on the genius of renowned choreographer Mario Nascimento, who will bring his unique and innovative vision to the creation of a show that promises to be a true spectacle of scenic movement.

The original music, created by the talented Fabio Cardia, will be the perfect backdrop for the new choreography, bringing a unique and engaging atmosphere that promises to transport the audience to a unique sensory experience.

With all the talent and creativity of the team of artists involved, Cia de Dança Cisne Negro's new choreography is a work of art that is not to be missed. Prepare to be surprised, thrilled and delighted by a dance performance that will be imprinted in the memory and hearts of all who watch it."