When two artistic companies get together, news will arrive!

Cisne Negro in its 42 years of existence and Pia Fraus with their 35 years, are in full activity!

dance company and a company of puppet theaterAn unlikely and curious partnership, at the same time more than natural!

Cisne Negro, has in its repertoire several shows with a popular and brazilian matrixand Pia Fraus, and this was the great link in building this show together.
The popular puppet theater, which in Pernambuco is called Mamulengois the great engine of this new assembly.

Glory of Goitáa small town located 60Km from Recife, is nowadays, considered the Brazilian capital of Mamulengo e is our inspiration and this show honors and reveres the universe of Pernambuco's Mamulengo.

The action of the show develops in full municipal marketwith its stalls where objects made of straw, kitchen artifacts, gourds, bush and an infinity of products produced by small farmers and local artisans. After all, our show takes place in a time when there were still no cell phones, the abundance of plastic, the internet, a not-so-distant past, in the late sixties, where the effects of industrialization were already felt, but life was slower.

In this rustic environment, the popular culturepredominated the forró, o frevo, o baião that were broadcast over the radio waves and popular merrymaking, such as the sea horsethe caboclinhos and the maracatuThey really were part of the city's culture.
In the middle of the market, the Mamulengo appears with his awning and puppets to brighten up the environment and suddenly makes an unexpected decision by inviting his audience to become Mamulengos!

The audience, our dancers, start using the elements of the market and transform them into puppets, pots, brooms, baskets, and hats, becoming the characters of our story!
"Goitá" which has artistic direction by Hulda Bittencourt e Dany Bitencourtstage direction and dramaturgy by Beto Andreettaby Pia Fraus, idealized and choreographed by Ana Catarina Vieirawho has participated in both companies, choreographic assistance by Patricia Alquezarcreation of puppets Dino Sotosoundtrack from Violated Quintetwith special reference to Dudu Alves, musical arrangements by Cesar Maluf and costumes by André SantanaAtelieles e BallettoCisne Negro Cia. de Dança's new proposals.

The challenge of integrating languages from dance to popular puppet theater could only come from a company that during its history of 42 years has always dared to venture into the construction of his own artistic language.

"Goitá" is a continuation of this innovative and eclectic profile of Cisne Negro Cia. de Dança.



Artistic Direction
Hulda Bittencourt and Dany Bittencourt

Scenic Direction and Dramaturgy
Beto Andreetta

Idealization and Choreography
Ana Catarina Vieira

Choreography Assistant
Patricia Alquezar

Violated Quintet

Musical Arrangement
Cesar Maluf

Puppetry Creation
Dino Soto

Puppet Making
Juciê Batista, Dino Soto, Roni, Beto Andreetta

Light Creation
Cristiano Paes

Costumes Creation: 
André Santana and Atelieles (Elson Leite and Márcio Peres)

Atelieles. Accessories: Balletto

Pia Fraus Production
Jackson Íris and Beto Andreetta