Cisne Negro Cia. 46 Anos de Dança


On April 1st 2023, Cisne Negro Cia. de Dança celebrated its 46th year of existence, in São Paulo, at the UNIP-Vergueiro Theater, with the participation of Ballet Jovem Cisne Negro, Sopro Cia. de Dança, and Companhia de Danças de Diadema. It was a memorable evening!

In the audience we had the honor of counting, besides our dear friends and guests, the illustrious presence of the Black King of Brazil, Oba Sobá or Dr. Mendes, great-great-grandson of Zumbi dos Palmares, representing a glorious and traditional part of our country's history.

Cisne Negro Cia Rei Negro 1

Black King of Brazil Oba Sobá Doutor José Mendes Ferreira Geleju Adelabu lll: his great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather Zumbi dos Palmares became the greatest symbol of freedom.

Jose Mendes Ferreira Geleju Adelabu III, King by dynasty, great-great-grandson of Zumbi dos Palmares, was born in a suburban district of the municipality of União dos Palmares, Alagoas State, known as Moquém.

A poor boy, he left the Quilombo dos Palmares at the age of one, in a casuá (basket) on the back of a donkey, pulled by his parents, wandering around in search of a job in the sugar mills in Alagoas.

To improve his knowledge, accompanied by the cultural attaché of the Nigerian Embassy, he moved to Africa for 8 years, where he was initiated into the cult of Ifá, babalawô (Priest), then Oluwô (Bishop), Adbonã (Cardinal), and finally Arabá (Pope or High Priest).

- He attended elementary school in the city of Utinga Leão in the state of Alagoas

- He went to high school at Colégio Dom Bosco, in São Paulo,

- She studied nursing at the Scientific Institute of Chemistry in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

- He studied prosthetics at the Technical Institute of Professional Initiation in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

- Dentistry course - Triangulo Mineiro Odontology College.

- Studied Theology - (Ancestral Religion) University of Osogbo Ogun State- Nigeria.

- Dr. in Biopsychogenetics from the Univerdidad de Biopsicoenergetica La Argentina.

- Doctor Socil Sciences by the Universitas Internationalis Studiorun Superiorum - Pro Déo.

- PHD - Philosophy Doctor on African Religions - International Biopsychoenergetics University of North America- Ibuna - Florida USA.

- Teacher of the African language Iyoruba.

- Titles and decorations:

- Comendador - Academia Santa Hele de Humanismo e Hstoria - 1971 / Rio de Janeiro.

- Comendador - Order of Solidarity - 1976 / São Paulo

- Commander - Brazilian Society of Heraldry and Medalistry - 1980

- Commander - Garibaldi Legion - 1982 / Rio Grande do Sul

- Grand Cross - Garibaldi Legion - 1983 / Rio Grande do Sul

- Brazilian personality of the 500 years - Centro de Integração e Empresarial de São Paulo - 2000

- Comendador - Centro de Integração e Empresarial de São Paulo - 2001

- Medal Comenda Heróis do Brasil (Heroes of Brazil Medal), awarded by the National Association of Veterans of the Brazilian Expeditionary Force. August 2011.

- Civic Medal Noble Knights of São Paulo, awarded by the Order of Noble Knights of São Paulo. August, 2011.