Cisne Negro CIA de dança performs its first show of the year inspired by the mamulengos of Pernambuco


In compliance with the determinations, the show that would happen next weekend at Teatro J. Safra, was postponed to March 13 and 14, 2021. People who already bought tickets, will receive more information through the Eventim site. Meanwhile our whole Cisne Negro team, will work hard to continue bringing love to dance and to our country. Stay well and safe.

On January 30 and 31, the J. Safra Theater will host three performances of the show "GOITÁ", with artistic direction by Hulda Bittencourt and Dany Bittencourt, stage direction and dramaturgy by Beto Andreetta, from Pia Fraus, idealization and choreography by Ana Catarina Vieira, choreography assistance by Patrícia Alquezar, puppet creation by Dino Soto, soundtrack by Quinteto Violado, with special reference to Dudu Alves, musical edition by Cesar Maluf, costumes with creation and conception by André Santana and Elson Leite (Atelieles) and Balletto. "Glória do Goitá, a small town located 60Km from Recife, is nowadays considered the Brazilian capital of Mamulengo and is our inspiration for this show that honors and reveres the universe of Pernambuco's Mamulengo" comments Hulda, founder of Cisne Negro Cia de Dança and also an inspiration for national dance.

In all, the show takes 10 dancers on stage and the setting for the development is the municipal market, with props that refer to the sale of objects made of straw, kitchenware, gourds, dowels, and the rich diversity of handicrafts made by small farmers and local artisans. "Goitá" shows the simplicity, of a time without cell phones and internet, but that the region already felt the first effects of industrialization.

A union of giants of culture -  The show brings together on stage two stars of the national culture - Cisne Negro Cia de Dança with 43 years of existence and Companhia Pia Fraus with 35 years. The union allows, in this unprecedented meeting, the construction and daring to integrate the languages of dance and popular puppet theater and to venture in the creation of an artistic language of its own, thus bringing a new proposal to the audience. Tickets for the performances, already available at Teatro J Safra's website, range from R$20 to R$50 (convenience fees not included).

With 43 years on the road, Cisne Negro Cia de Dança is considered one of the best contemporary companies in the country, being a critical and public success, with awards such as Fellowship of the Royal Academy of dance of London which is one of the highest honors granted by this institution, for her work of excellence in favor of the art of dance in Brazil and granted to the company's founder Hulda Bittencourt, who today shares the artistic direction with her daughter and dancer, Dany Bittencourt. 

Under the artistic curatorship of Maurício Machado and Eduardo Figueiredo, they have as a guideline the adoption of a line of shows whose focus is on programming excellence. Its values are extreme quality, relevance, contemporaneity, elegance, sophistication and audacity, receiving artists of unquestionable importance in the national and international artistic scene.

Address: Josef Kryss Street, 318 - Barra Funda

LIVE REGISTRATION (January 30)R$ 25,00 (single price) - at 7pm
IN-PERSON ADMISSION - January 30th at 8pm and January 31st at 7pm
Premium Seating: R$50,00
Vip Plateia: R$40,00
Mezzanine: R$30,00
Mezz. Partial View: R$20,00

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